Online Tool

EcoProDB offers an online tool to compare and analyze your 2-D gels with the published ones. This tool includes various functions such as Zoom in/out, image processing, protein search, and image comparison.

1.Upload your image file: Click the button Select and select your image file. And click the button Upload. Then you can see your 2-D gel image on the left image box.

If you want to return the original image after alteration, you can click the button Reload.

If you want to save the image after alteration, you can click the button Save.

2.Zoom: you can zoom in or out the image in left or right box.

• Button

: zoom in.

: zoom out.

: reset the image.

: move the image to left, right, up, down.

• Speed key

                Ctrl + mouse right click: zoom in.

                Shift + mouse right click: zoom out.

                Alt + mouse right click: reset the image.

                Mouse left click + drag:move the image to left, right, up, down.

3.Selection and Search

: straighten out the image.

: remove specks from the image.

: remove noise from the image.

: flip the image to the horizontal side.

: rotate the image to the left.

: rotate the image to the right.


• Mode

 Pan mode: default.

 Selection mode: you can decide the PI and MW values in the selection box. Then you can search the protein information satisfied with your selection. If you want to select the specific values in your image, you can drag the mouse cursor. After selection, you click the right button of mouse and decide the PI and MW values.


4.Choose and compare with 2-D gel image in the EcoProDB

: you can click the scroll menu and select a 2-D gel image offered in the EcoProDB. If you click the button compare, the image you select appears in the right image box. If you click the button Information, the new window explains the information about the 2-D gel image will be appeared to the right image box.

5.Spot of protein

Show: show red box to the protein spot.

Hide: show red box from the protein spot.

If you select a protein that you want to see below red box, you can see the protein selected clearly. If you select Show All, you can see all spots of protein.