Systems Overview @ EcoProDB

EcoProDB is a web-based database for comparative proteomics that uses E. coli proteins identified on 2-D gels as its primary source of data through interactive tools such as Map Browser.
The storage backend is composed of relational database management system (RDBMS) such as MySQL. The database records are mapped and integrated onto the XML-based object model of the UniProt, which is responsible for the integrity of the data between EcoProDB and UniProt. The dynamic web page of the integrated protein information is generated through the extensible stylesheet language transformation (XSLT). The data themselves are queried by search engine and map browser using web development technique for interactive web applications such as asynchronous javascript and XML (Ajax) and document object model (DOM).

Bioinformatics Research Center Metabolic & Biomolecular Engineerging Lab. Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology